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Imagine floating in the deepest part of the deep blue sea taking in the sweet aroma of the air surrounding you. If there was a sweet smell to our colossal size deep blue sea, then this would be it.

Blu’ Sea is one of our best sellers with its hypnotizing aromas of sweet tropical lush and deep subtle fragrance of the sea surged with bursts of energy.

Submerge your body with the bubbles of this deep mesmerizing blue naturally hand crafted soap. Made with gentle skin healing and caring oils like olive oil or “Liquid Gold” as some would call it, and Shea butter. This soap will surely soften your skin and keep it highly moisturized.

Can be used for hands, but it's best for bodies. Wet soap, get it soapy, and apply all over body.

When not in use, keep Pilgrim soap in a well-drained soap dish, making sure to avoid water. This will help your soaps last longer.

Blu' Sea

  • Soap Bars are 4-5 oz.

    Contains Bentonite Clay Soap

    Made with Shea Butter to intensify your moisture needs.

    This product was made with your skin in mind.

    Created to please the most sensitive skin to the toughest skin.
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