San Fran Bean is Joe for your body. If you enjoy the aromas of hot coffee, but don’t want to drink it all day, then San Fran Bean is the right lotion for you. This coffee scented lotion will please even the most stubborn nose with its divine smells of hot Joe.

San Fran Bean Body Lotion

  • Contains

    Shea Butter
    *Restores skin's elasticity
    *Soothe irritated skin
    *Assist with certain skin ailments

    Avena Sativa (oats)
    *Relieves dry skin
    *Softens skin
    *Revitalize and Protect skin

    Both Shea Butter & Avena Sativa, are effective in applying and retaining moisture.

    This product was made with your skin in mind.

    Created to please the most sensitive skin to the toughest.

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