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This bar is unscented, uncolored, unaltered. Oatmeal that is strictly of Earth, from the oils to the extra healing and exfoliating added ingredient your body will appreciate this bar.

Can be used for hands, but it's best for bodies. Wet soap, get it soapy and apply all over body.

When not in use, keep Pilgrim soap in a well-drained soap dish, making sure to avoid water. This will help your soaps last longer.

Fully Oated

  • Soap Bars are 4-5 oz.

    Oatmeal whisks away dead cells, irritation, and redness while leaving a soft, moist glow behind.
    •Moisturizing and assist with removing dead skin cells, which reveal a smoother and softer looking skin
    •Have anti-inflammatory properties
    •Helps treat acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes
    •Helps relieve symptoms of aging skin
    •Reduce dryness and helps restores the natural balance of moisture on the skin
    •Natural and gentle exfoliator and cleanser
    •Great for all skin types

    Made with Shea Butter to intensify your moisture needs.

    This product was made with your skin in mind.

    Created to please the most sensitive skin to the toughest skin.
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