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A thick Cocoa yummy scented body cream to provide long lasting protection.

If you love the scents of Cocoa, then you will love this velvety warm yummy smelling Cocoa Blush. This Body Cream is awesome, it is a great moisturizer for the body, luxuriously thick cream, does not feel greasy, and is quickly absorbed.

Formulated with natural ingredients that will deliver immediate long-lasting moisture and scent. This Body Cream is packed with lavishly natural butters and oils to create a moisture wall that will ensure comfortable, soft and long-lasting hydrating skin.

Enjoy as this plush velveteen body cream covers your body.

How to Use: Apply to the body as often as needed, focus on rough spots.

Cocoa Blush Body Cream

  • Cocoa Butter to smooth and hydrate skin.

    Shea Butter to provide many great minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to the skin

    Rice to give skin a velvety feel, and to provide antioxidants and collagen.
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