Illuminate your skin with this luxurious body glowing mesmerizing soap bar.

Camiyo Glow provides many healthy skin benefits. This milk bar is rich in naturally occurring beta carotene, lactic acid, and enzymes. Camiyo Glow will work hard to even out skin tones and provide an abundant amount of antioxidants and moisturization to your skin.

Camiyo Glow has also been acclaimed to help reduce SWEATY sweat glands and ease acne in some people, as while as moisturize the skin.

This soap bar is formulated with ingredients which will bring life to your dull chapped skin.


Can be used for hands, but it's best for bodies. Wet soap, get it soapy and apply all over body.

When not in use, keep Pilgrim soap in a well-drained soap dish, making sure to avoid water. This will help your soaps last longer.

Camiyo Glow

  • Soap Bars are 4-5 oz.

    Carrots to provide
    *Antioxidants- known to protect against free radical
    *Beta Carotene
    *Skin evening agents
    *Glowing Skin

    Milk to provide
    *Lactic acid- known to remove dead skin cells which will in-turn reveal younger skin
    *Enzymes- known to help smooth skin
    *Amino acids- known to he